setting intentions for a weekend of running

i signed up for the asbury park “runapalooza” half a couple months back simply to break up my long weekend marathon training runs and maybe have some fun (or at the very least, some company).  most of my long runs have been solo and thus, crazy boring.  i’ve exhausted the arsenal of rich roll podcast and serial episodes.  i know every chainsmokers song by heart and i’ve somehow put together a mental catalog of all the clothes and shoes in my closets.  this will be the third time i’m running this particular race and i think it will always be one of my favorites.  the course is flat and fast, it’s basically in my backyard and the brunch at porta afterward is reason enough to run 13 miles.

the nj marathon on may 1st will be my very first marathon and i didn’t know what to expect from training for the race.  i figured i would be so relieved to have people cheering me on that i would just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience of this half.  that would be the normal thing to do.  but i’m crazy and super competitive and i already know that i want to be running this race to beat my current half PR.  so i need to take a step back and really look at the bigger picture, i need to remember to have fun and not take this so seriously.

wish me luck…


after my race tomorrow i’ll be going up to boston to watch my brother’s girlfriend run the marathon on monday.  this will be my first time back in boston in almost 10 years and her first time running this particular race and i’m so excited.  i’m thrilled that she’ll get to experience the magic that is boston and so proud of her for getting there!  running excitement aside, i’m so pumped to see my brother (who will be there with her, obviously), hang out with my mom and explore the city for 48 hours.  we have a few things touristy things on the agenda that we plan on checking out:  boston common, the waterfront, newbury st. and maybe fenway.  oh and watching the race…

any suggestions for us in bean town?  food, drink, shopping, running, whatever — are greatly appreciated!




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